1. Please be aware that a no return and no refund policy applies to all products purchased after 15 days. 
  2. Products brought in defected, damaged due to customer handling or negligence will not be refunded or replaced.
  3. Products returned without purchase receipt or clear proof of purchase from Essenza store will not be refunded or replaced.
  4. Products with factory defaults will be reviewed by the Product Quality Assurance Unit, to verify claims by the customer.
  5. False, wrongful, and online libel aimed at the reputation of the Essenza brand and other brands we stock. Will be subject to litigations.
  6. Please endeavor to reach out to our customer care unit via our stores, website, email, social handles, or phone number.
  7. You can lodge your complaints at Essenza customer care portal or visit our Help Centre.
  8. Cash Excess paid via bank transfers or paystack are only refundable between 5 - 7 working days.
  9. Cash Refund due to other stated and approved reasons are only refunded between 5 - 7 working days.